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Inner Circle Gold Membership

In order to insure our students are practicing the single plane swing correctly, the Graves Golf Academy has developed the Inner Circle Gold Membership. This program is designed to shorten your path to becoming an accomplished golfer. It’s convenient, practical, and has a successful track record of improving single plane golfers.

The Inner Circle Gold Membership basically puts a team of GGA Master Instructors in your back pocket. You’ll be able to get a golf lesson from anywhere at any time. Whether you’re trying to break 90 or become a scratch golfer, this program will give you everything you need to take your game to the next level.

The personal coaching you receive as part of the Gold Membership is the most comprehensive training program we offer and has the ability to transform your golf game. Whether you’re looking for more consistency, better ball striking, a tremendous short game, or lower scores – The Gold Membership is built to help you reach Your Personal Goals.

Our coaches are Dedicated to achieving Your version of Success in golf.

There is one simple reason Why the Gold Membership has become the fastest growing part of the Single Plane Academy… The Members Improve.

Here are the Gold Level Membership Benefits

Membership BenefitsGold LevelSilver Level
Unlimited Video Analysis of Your Golf Swing  
Personal Hotline To Contact Your Private Coach  
Exclusive Weekly Training Videos  
On-Course Analysis of Your Golf Game  
Members Earn School Credit$20/month $10/month
Members Only Monthly Webinars  
Full Access to GGA’s Entire Digital Training Library (over $700 in Courses)  
Discounted Member Pricing on All Golf Schools  
Discounted Member Pricing on Training Aids  
Free Subscription to the Single Plane Magazine  
Members Only Monthly Newsletter  
Priority Access to New School Dates and Locations  
Access to Inner Circle Private Facebook Group  
Monthly MembershipSign Up Now – $69 More Information

Here Is What Our Gold Level Members Experience

  • Less frustration – because they have a structured plan of what and how to practice.
  • More confidence – because their personal coach is with them every step of the way.
  • More consistency – because they are getting continual feedback both on and off the golf course.
  • Lower scores – because their practice sessions are being analyzed and modified to ensure better performance.

Here Is What We Do Inside the Gold Membership

  • Set a personal roadmap with each member – because we need to know where you want to go, in order to help you get there.
  • Analyze and guide your practice sessions – in order to practice efficiently and correctly.
  • Chart your performance – in order to tailor our coaching to fit you personally.
  • Help hold you accountable – so you utilize the effectiveness of the entire program

Here Is How it Works

  • Make a short video of your golf swing on your phone or tablet. No need to go buy cameras or additional equipment
  • Send your video to our coaches – Don’t worry, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how do this. It’s very simple!
  • Our team Professional Instructors will analyze the video Finding the true swing flaws that are causing your problems.
  • The Coaches will send you a personalized video analysis – Including what to practice to help eliminate your swing issues.

Here Is What You’ll Receive

  • A comparison of you and the model  Your golf swing side by side with Moe Norman. The coaches will walk you through the main differences.
  • A detailed analysis of your swing – Explaining the key fundamentals you personally need to work on. 
  • A video of the Coach Physically demonstrating exactly what you need to do in order to make the swing changes.
  • A recap email – Highlighting the main areas that were covered in each video analysis. This also provides a perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have on the instruction.

Here Is What Our Members Say about the Personal Coaching you get as part of the Gold Membership

  • Keith C – “I’m convinced that video review in the Graves Gold Program is the quickest way to improvement.”
  • Bill D – “Thanks to you and all your guys (The Coaching Team) I shot an 89 in the championships of my club. I tied for second low net in the senior (55 years and older) and won low net in the super senior (75 and older). At the start of this season I was shooting 105 – 110 and ready to quit. Thanks again for all your help!”
  • Michael O – “Having followed through with the suggestions on the first review, I have never hit my clubs more pure. The trajectory, sound and feel are what the pros must experience. Thanks again”
  • Jessie B – “As a relatively new golfer (4th year) I have found the tips you share impacting my game positively! I just shot my personal best last week trying out a new course I’d never played before. Your techniques have taken at least 20 strokes off my score in just a few months!”

If you have any questions about Personal Coaching or would like additional information regarding the membership options please contact our Gold Member Program Director – Trent White, PGA at

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted


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