We use a free app that allows you to film and send your motions directly to us. 

One of our Master Coaches will analyze and compare your motion to our Ideal Single Plane Model and tell you exactly what to focus on when you practice. 
Putting, chipping, pitching, bunker, full swing – you name it – we cover it!  These videos can be captured at the course, indoors, at home, apartment, hotel room, backyard, garage, literally anywhere! 

Every week we send Gold Members an instructional video that directly relates to a certain area of the game. 

We cater these videos to what the Members would like to see and common areas that conspire during our online video lessons.

All of our Weekly Coaching Videos are stored inside of our Membership site that you can review at anytime

If you ever have any questions about anything golf related or want further assistance, simply send us a text or email and we will send you a video response. 

Outside of hands-on instruction at our Single Plane Golf Schools, VIDEO is the most powerful form of training!

Developing a 90 Day Customized Practice Plan and training with our elite Graves Golf Master Coaches is how we guarantee improvement if you follow your plan.  Along with our Weekly Coaching Videos and Concierge Service, you have access to reach any goal that you desire on your Single Plane journey!  

Additional Benefits of Joining Gold

  • Annual Members receive $240 in school credit every year*
  • Monthly Members receive $20 in school credit every month*
  • Member pricing on Schools, Training Aids, Clubs, etc.
  • Access to the Single Plane Academy Membership
  • Access to all Exclusive Video Content
  • Access to Stat Tracker & On Course Analysis
  • Access to Monthly Private Webinars
  • Ongoing Communication with Master Coaches

*By being a Member of the Single Plane Academy Gold Membership, you receive Member pricing on all Schools + ability to use your school credit (save HUNDREDS on Schools)