Why Putter Face Is Critical With Lag Putting...


Introducing the GGA Putting Stick

Our putting training aide features an adjustable back-swing stop to help control your swing, an easy-load ball ramp to identify stroke accuracy at impact and an eye-alignment mirror embedded into the stick. 

All of these aspects provide you with precise feedback on your swing and form, so you can effectively adjust your gameplay and practice the most perfect putt every time.

We have crafted this golf alignment stick from high quality materials that are sure to improve your game. We know you will see results. 

Over 30 players on the pro tour have used The Putting Stick®. Start seeing changes in your game today!


Zone 1

  • Mirror
  • Square Face Markings

Zone 2

  • Knob for acceleration
  • Level at the back

Zone 3

  • Lines for Accelleration Ratio
  • Hip Check Lines

Zone 4

  • Gimme (White) Zone

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