The Short Game Alignment Trainer (SGAT) is the perfect training tool to complement the master instruction of the GGA Short Game Fundamentals.

Use the SGAT to discover the following:

  • Proper Ball and Foot Position for Lob Shots
  • Proper Ball and Foot Position for Chip Shots
  • Proper Ball and Foot Position for Pitch Shots
  • Correct Club-face Alignment / Angle – (FATTM Technology)
  • Correct Feet Angle
  • Hand Position Through Impact
  • Correct Foot / Shoulder Angle Difference (10 Degrees)

The SGAT teaches the target line and shoulder line angle with the proper foot rotation and body position. By training with your Short Game Alignment Trainer, you’ll always have the proper hand position and club face alignment.

Universal Short Game Tool

The SGAT is labeled for the type of shot you are practicing: L for lob shot, P for pitch or C for a chip.

Lead Hand Position

The signature lead hand graphic indicates the position of the lead hand to move down the target line – a key component to the GGA Short Game instruction

Correct Foot Placement

Foot position / rotation indications that represent the proper foot placement and position of each foot when chipping, pitching and hitting lob shots.

FATTM Technology

The SGAT features face alignment technology (FATTM) perpendicular lines that help you visually establish a perpendicular (square) clubface to your intended target.